Local Dermatologists warn that all skin cancer is serious and you should know how to identify how severe each case is.

Author: Brandon Bates
Published: 9:35 PM EDT June 22, 2018
Updated: 10:27 PM EDT June 22, 2018

Friday was the first full day of summer and dermatologists are warning people how dangerous direct sunlight can be when it comes to developing skin cancer.

Dr. Carley Fowler is a dermatologist in Knoxville and said if she could go back in time to tell her younger self to stay out of the tanning bed, she would do it in an instant.

“I wish I could take back every second. I was a tanner. I laid in the tanning bed and I was very dark,” Dr. Fowler said.

Now, she treats patients daily and some of them come in with one of three types of skin cancer.