With work from home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s safe to say that many of us have been spending a fair amount of time in front of the computer. Typing away on the keyboard all day can have negative consequences on your hands which can lead to issues such as carpal tunnel, nerve compression, trigger finger, and more. If you’ve noticed numbness or pain building up in your hand and wrist area, now is the time to consider booking an appointment with the Knoxville Center for Dermatology and Plastic Surgery. 

Repetitive motions of the wrist (such as typing) can be associated with developing carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a type of nerve compression. This condition occurs when pressure is placed on the median nerve in the wrist. The pressure can cause numbness, tingling, and pain in the hand area. Prolonged or repetitive computer use that involves typing or using a mouse can also result in other forms of nerve compression in the hand and wrist.

While slight numbness or tingling may seem like a small issue, ignoring these signs of nerve compression can lead to more serious problems down the road. If nerve compression is left untreated, you may experience weakness, numbness, loss of function, or chronic pain as a result. 

At Knoxville Center for Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, we offer a complete range of plastic surgery services so that you can be confident you’re receiving the experienced care you need. Our practice uses advanced technology and surgical techniques that will help treat nerve compression ailments. With hand surgery, we’ll be able to relieve the pressure on your nerves to help relieve your symptoms.

If you’ve experienced numbness, tingling, or pain in your hands or wrists, be proactive and schedule a consultation with our office to talk about the ways in which we can help you. The pandemic hasn’t been easy on anyone working from home, and the last thing you need is to suffer from nerve compression or carpal tunnel syndrome. Call our office at (865) 470-4127 or visit our website to learn more about our practice and services.